Forget Everything You’ve Been Told About Content

There’s too much noise on the Internet. Turn it off, silence it so you can focus on your stuff, not everyone else’s sales pitches. I’ve come to realize that I [...]

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10 Proven Reasons to Start Blogging Today

(And 3 lame excuses that just won't fly) Have you been told, "You need to start blogging"? Probably. We all know we should be creating fresh, new content for Google and [...]

The Ultimate Web Writing Cheat Sheet

Not everyone can afford to hire an SEO Copywriter. I mean a real web writer -- one with natural talent and years of experience.  But all is not lost! I work with [...]

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Are You a Badass Content Production Rebel?

Earlier this morning, I had an epiphany. It isn't profound. It won't change the world. But it's important to me and, like most "aha moments," it's brilliant in its simplicity. But before [...]

What the 7 Dwarfs Can Teach You About Bad Web Copy

Image courtesy of wes209.deviantart.com Writing quality web content doesn't always come naturally to the average business owner, manager or even marketer. No need to beat yourself up about it, you [...]

33 Content Ideas for the Month of March

It's March. Did you hear my lack of enthusiasm in that statement? That's because it's still snowing, temps are holding steady at about 10 below (give or take), and there's no sign [...]

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16 Ways to Build a Loyal Blog Readership (and 5 ways not to)

Just because you write a blog post, doesn’t mean people will read it, share it, like it, etc. Until you understand what you’re writing about, to whom you are writing, [...]

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Everyone’s Crazy But Me ‘n Thee …

... And I'm not too sure about thee. This is an older article I wrote back in early 2012. I feel its message still holds true today, three years later, [...]

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