Content Marketing: Local Real Estate Agent ExampleYesterday we talked about the differences between content marketing and article marketing. Today I’d like to dig a little deeper by offering an example. So Let’s take a closer look at the fictitious Joe Smith, the Real Estate Agent in Guelph.

New homebuyers are scouring the Internet in search of all kinds of useful information. They’re educating themselves before they make the largest purchase of their life. They want to know about legal issues, property taxes, home inspections, schools, communities, and mortgage options. And they’ll be finding this information in a variety of ways: searching keywords in the engines, browsing Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, reading blogs, news bits and press releases, asking questions and reading answers on sites like Quora … the Web is filled with relevant information. So what makes our client, Joe Smith, the Real Estate Agent in Guelph, stand out amongst the crowd?

He hired an SEO Copywriter to write his content – for his website, press releases, blog, social networks, etc. No matter which way the homebuyer turns, he keeps seeing Joe Smith’s name citing all this useful info. And he starts to think, “This guy must really know what he’s talking about!” So the homebuyer reads his articles, his blog, his guest blog posts and comments, they see he’s answering questions on LinkedIn and in Quora, he’s tweeting others’ useful info, and he has a loyal group of followers on Facebook, and even has a Google+ profile. Even when the homebuyer is reading about mortgage rates on a local broker’s website, they’ll see Joe Smith’s article about real estate legal jargon. Joe Smith is an open vault of information, and when the time comes to buy that house, which real estate agent is top of mind? Joe smith, the local real estate expert they’ve come to know and trust.

That is the power of content marketing. It’s not about pushing out bulk content to generate links to improve rankings. It’s about generating traffic from a variety of sources by providing and sharing useful information to niche audiences. And because Joe Smith is armed with hard-hitting SEO-friendly content on his site, he’s now in a position to watch his traffic increase and his conversions skyrocket.

Have you done any content marketing for your local biz? Tell us about it!


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