To those who were following me a few months ago, I’d like to first offer my sincerest apologies for the sudden disappearance. I can assure you, though, that I’m not going anywhere this time. I’m back, and I’m committed to my blog and to my readers.

So what should you expect to find in the Open SEO Vault? I have a few ideas (well a lot actually), but what I’d really like is to get your feedback. This is a place where like-minded SEOs, marketers, and everyone who lives and breathes the online landscape can share, ask, learn, vent, you name it.

In addition to updated information on the latest search industry news, I’ll share some of my own experiences, offer any advice I can, answer as many questions as I can — and if I can’t answer your questions, I’ll find someone who can. I’d like to share my success stories and hear about yours. I’d like to share my pitfalls, and here yours, too.

Let’s talk about our collective passion for marketing, search, copywriting, design, usability, development, analytics, social media, digital meda, and more.

Welcome back to the Open SEO Vault!

To kick things off, let me ask you this: If you could pick 3 things you’d like to learn more about, what would they be?