Dancing Cat SpeakerEvery year the same thing happens, I wake up one morning and realize that the holidays are right around the corner and I’m so not ready! But I will be – soon – I hope.

When you’re a computer geek like myself, xmas is a time to search for the coolest new techie gadgets. Welcome, all my fellow gadget geeks! My gift to you is a top 10 list of my favourite Gadgets for Geeks! Next week I’ll share my Tools for Techies, so stay tuned.

Here we go, drum roll please…

10. Under $100 Tablet

9. Universal Gadget Wrist Charger

8. Take the browser out of your computer and put it in your pocket with a SurfEasy stick. (Better put yourself on the waiting list, they sold out!)

7. Everyone needs the Dashing Deer Nutcracker!

6. iPhone handset sounds pretty handy (hardee har har, that was a real knee slapper!)

5. Pocket Projector For iPhone 4 looks pretty cool. Wonder if it works.

4. Touch screen gloves for us Great White Northerners.

3. Make sure the Baileys doesn’t settle at the bottom of your coffee — get the Self Stirring Mug.

2. The Elixir of Life —  it’s a Wine Pod that hooks up to your computer to help you make wine at home.

1. My all-time personal favourite (honey, are you paying attention?) … the Dancing Cat Speaker!

What’s in your vault of geekie gadgets?