It seems my inbox has been loading up with more and more garbage over the past couple of months. I’m not sure if it’s a Q1 “blast everything to everyone” issue, or if my email address has just landed in the wrong hands of a Spammy Spammerson mailing list, or maybe it’s just a coincidence. Either way, I’m getting far too much email marketing campaign crap on a daily basis and it just has to stop.

If you’re considering email marketing as a legitimate method of promoting your business and generating leads, please, please stay away from these epic email marketing fails.

#5 The Anonymous Company

If you’re trying to sell me something… don’t you think you should tell me who you work for? This email is telling me that Nikita Nik (do people call you Nik Nik?) is from a web dev consultancy firm – they just won’t tell me which one.

spam email address


spam email company

#4 The Bad Writer

Looking at the same message, let’s dig deeper:


spam email 3

No one cares what you want.

spam email 4

You, you, you, it’s all about you.

spam email 5

So what you’re saying is … you have clients.

spam email 6

“Outstanding!” said no recipient of this message ever. But wait, there’s more…

spam email 7

Was that a question? And “your client”? What happened to all the big, small and start-up clients?

spam email grammar

Do I really need to point it out?

#3 The BCC Addict

Here’s another anonymous email from an “” address. I’ve already made my point about that, so let’s move on. Here’s a really bad practice I see all too often – addressing an email to yourself and then adding all the emails of your list into the BCC field. It may be tempting because it’s free, but it’s an amateur move – don’t do it. Use a reputable email marketing service like MailChimp or AWeber.

spam email bcc

#2 The Oblivious Sender

Love this guy. He’s the SEO who propositions other SEOs (or the designer spamming other designers, or the mechanic selling his services to other mechanics, and so on).

spam email oblivious

Now, it’s not like my email address doesn’t clearly state what it is I do (BeckSEOCopywriting). It only takes a minute to do a quick CTRL-F to find the words “SEO” in your email list and remove them. In this case he should also remove emails containing the words web, development and design. Oh ya, he’s not one for grammatically correct sentences either.

#1 The Jacked-up Copy Cat

My all-time favourite. The copy-cat email … with different prices!

spam email copy cat

As if that’s not enough:

spam email greetings

The extra Hi / Greetings.

spam email fonts

Three different font types and sizes.

spam email grammar 2

Am I just a grammar bully?

So those were just five of the many email marketing fails to watch out for. To be completely honest—and to look on the brighter side for a moment—there is one good thing has come from all this spam I’ve been getting. It gave me the incentive to write this blog post!

Here’s hoping you read it then share it to help the Spammy Spammersons of the Interwebs.