Apparently Google has been caught red-handed, flat-out lying about what will (or won’t) happen to your website’s mobile search rankings as of April 21st.

Google’s John Mueller posted on Google+:

“It’s great to get people motivated to make their website mobile-friendly, but we’re not going to be removing sites from search just because they’re not mobile-friendly. You can test your pages & reach our documentation (including some simple tweaks that might work for your CMS too) at”

Sidebar: It was my understanding that Google would be “demoting” sites that aren’t mobile friendly, not removing them entirely. So John’s response makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense is this email, which was brought to our attention by Ashley Berman Hale, a well-known voice on Google Webmaster Help channels. Check out the subject line, “Google Removing Your Site From Search Results This Month!”:

Followed by this statement, “…Google will demote or delist you from their search results if you don’t have a mobile friendly site.”

My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that you shouldn’t panic if you’re not mobile friendly. Yes, you need to get on that as quickly as you can to perform well in mobile search results, but you won’t suddenly vanish from Google all together. I believe this is nothing more than a copywriting fail. A sneaky, poorly written, subject line, Google.

If anyone has heard anything to the contrary, or received a different email from Google, please let us know in the comments below.