3 Simple Steps to Sexier Calls to Action

Calls to action -- they're everywhere in our everyday lives. No really ... just take a look around you. We follow street signs when driving We walk/don't walk at crosswalks We push/pull/slide at entrances. [...]

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The Ultimate Web Writing Cheat Sheet

Not everyone can afford to hire an SEO Copywriter. I mean a real web writer -- one with natural talent and years of experience.  But all is not lost! I work with [...]

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Infographic: Our SEO Process

Every SEO, whether they're an independent freelancer or part of a large digital marketing agency, does things a little differently. Yes, the rules of search engine optimization are the same [...]

When to use branded vs Non-branded keywords

Understanding the difference between branded and non-branded keyword usage is imperative. Too many times clients insist that they want to optimize their pages for a product’s brand name, or for [...]

SEO Copywriting For The Buying Cycle

There are 5 phases of a typical buying cycle. When you're writing content for a website, you need to understand the purpose of each page. What do you intend it [...]