10 Digital Marketing Pros You’re Not Following

... But Should Be! I don't know about you, but I see a lot of great lists of people I should be following in my industry. The issue is that [...]

Twitter Catch-up Feed: What You Need to Know

Does your Twitter feed look different? According to Twitter VP-Revenue Product Ameet Ranadive, Twitter's new catch-up feed provides an option for users to have their content algorithmically curated, bumping certain [...]

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21 Digital Marketing Statistics: Content Marketing, Social Media & SEO

Easy Access to Digital Marketing Statistics Whether you're trying to sell your boss on giving up a larger content marketing budget, or you're writing an in-depth article on the advancements [...]

[Study] How to Rank in Google: What Matters in 2015

It’s been a busy year in search… Since last October we watched the break-up of Google Authorship, endured two Panda updates, battled Penguin 3.0 and survived Mobilegeddon— is your head [...]

9 Auto DMs You Should Never Use on Twitter

I have a pet peeve. OK, I have several pet peeves. But the one I'm talking about today are auto DMs (direct messages) sent when you follow someone on Twitter. [...]

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Twitter Stats: 43% Growth, But What Does That Actually Mean?

You’ve probably heard countless “social media gurus” tell you they can get you thousands of followers for just the bargain price of $x per month – or some similarly ridiculous claim. [...]

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How to Rank Better in Google Using Twitter

They're baa-ack! Yes, I'm super stoked that they've done a new Poltergeist movie, but that's not what this is about. You may or may not have heard that Google and [...]

How to Get More Exposure, Better Leads via LinkedIn Pulse

“LinkedIn Pulse is your source for professional news tailored to you.” That’s the official definition from LinkedIn. Users can follow “influencers” or “channels” from a list of industries and news [...]

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Twitter Collections for More SERP Results?

I've just discovered what, at first glance, I thought was going to be a great way for digital marketers to claim even more SERP real estate -- Twitter Collections. Have [...]

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SEO & SMO: What’s the Difference?

Good morning! Ahh, it’s a gorgeous day here in Guelph. The sun is shining, the mercury is on the rise and my windows are wide open. Birds are chirping and [...]

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