A freelancer, a salaried employee and an ego-maniacal business owner walk into a bar …

No joke.

Freelancing can be the most rewarding and the most frustrating work scenario you encounter. Working from home, setting your own schedule, and choosing the assignments you want to tackle are all great, but what happens when you do the work and don’t get paid? All hell breaks loose. I’ve been there … more than once. Any freelancer who’s worked more than a handful of gigs probably has a similar story. Sadly, it goes with the territory. It shouldn’t but it does.

You may recall reading a different block of text here last week. Yes, I’ve made some edits. Why? Because justice prevailed 😉

That said, lack of payment continues to be a very prominent issue within our industry, and I remain a very strong advocate for all legitimately hard-workers fighting to be paid what they deserve.

And so I would like to keep this topic open for discussion to anyone and everyone who has experienced a similar lack of respect for hard-working freelancers and employees alike. We must band together if we are to expel these toxic, overbearing ego-maniacs.

Please, share your story with us here. If not for ourselves, then for our successors, we must not let this type of injustice prevail. Individually we are strong, but together we are unstoppable — a force to be reckoned with!